Saturday, December 31, 2011


On a new year eve, in Norway you are down with a bad cold and a sore throat.
Even if I wish I don't have the courage to brave the outside cold to join the new year festivities of this Utopian nation.My thinking goes wild really wild.....

What makes us happy ? Most of my answers would be from a married male perspective.
Marriage as an institution which mellows you down a lot before you realize and I really don't regret the change.

We live in a society which never fails to makes us believe that we are the change which this world waited for. We the chosen ones are travelling in the path to materialistic salvation in this bus of globalization.We all live and dream in the perceived and leveraged world of social media day and night. We all are quite far from ground reality ever farther than the 'crowned prince' Rahul.

I genuinely appreciate as an ex-Ayn Rand fan, the philosophical and moral high grounds of capitalism that rewards only hard work. But as no system is ideal, capital always prefer to follow the super critical path of speculation leaving the hard workers mere spectators.

When something falls flat, speculators cover their faces with handkerchiefs that inscribe apologies to capitalistic ideology. Shame on you !!! You are like people who steal from begger's bowl(a literal translation of a malayalam saying )

When value addition to customers is just a side business to enhance the equity value of the stake holders then there is something inherently complex about business. When media tells us that Kingfisher airlines is at loss then it becomes our responsibility to justify what we read. Humanity in any system or rule of law is under the mercy of mathematics and imposed complexities.Whoever does the sums correctly benefits whether it is Tamilnadu or Kerala.We the common man is at the mercy of another fellow human being who is intellectually unequal and is capable of exploiting our ignorance.If we don't get betrayed then thank our stars or the Sunday school the other guy went. The importance of interpretations are always discounted while we fight whole heartily to justify an implemented 'individualistic' view point.

Why the non-globalized political setup of every other country is selling globalization as a silver bullet to all the problems of humanity ? For example,It has increased the daily wages of an unskilled laborer in Kerala to Rs 350 per day. But it has created havoc in migration, posing tremendous integration issues and exploitation and how are we going address them ? .Going back to the previous non productive system of 'Flags'? So do I belong to the elite apolitical anarchist crowd of Anna Hazare who believes corruption is root cause of all evil?. It is just the symptom of this rotten society.
I am not here to give answers that is exactly why we are doing an election exercise every five years.

Change is inevitable and managing change is government responsibility to its 'subjects'. I dare to use the feudalistic word 'subjects'. We trust our lives on our leaders and I hope they understand what leadership is. If they turn blind eye to the social problems of unstoppable apple-cart of globalization, the chances of it getting toppled is considerable. Not that people has got any better alternative but vested interests can turn their frustration on inequality to anarchy in no-time.

Leaders should make the people aware that inequality is legitimate and as a government its responsibility is to ensure equal opportunity and a level playing ground. If the 'ideal free market' is not the correct answer then make the necessary changes. If federal system can't answer pertinent question related to humanity then don't treat it as a holy-cow. When the era of holy-cows end humanity has a chance.

And if rulers don't regulate speculations development will be a game of chance and so will be happiness. A little discipline never hurts. United States of America is not the only example to blindly emulate even if it is the undisputed super power.Rulers of India please read history books along with the economics texts and it will help them to avoid the mistakes USA did in its course of development. Time is a teacher if you fail to take lessons from him the coming generations would not forgive you.....

Friday, April 09, 2010

My sister….

You need a shoulder to cling on
With no emotional baggage attached
You need someone to vent your frustrations
You need someone to make you smile
You need a lap to sleep like a baby
When the whole world gives up on you
You turn to your mom and realize that
Your pain will pain her more and then…
Then you wish to have a sister like the one
I have…blessed are the ones like me
who have a sister to take all the pain
My tears pain her but she douses them all
She make me feel at home even in exile
We don’t share a bond of blood but we
do share a divine bond of love and care.

Long live my dear…may god bless you....
Love you my are best

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dialectics and RTE

Development is complicated. It is a profit and loss statement and the numbers can be interpreted only depending upon the position where you are in the number line; above or below zero.And most of us live a hand to mouth life as glorified poor or aspirational rich. Middle class wants free lunches great roads and liberal social life.But are poignantly critical about degrading ethics and morality. Then we act as trained hippocrats !!! by closing our eyes and ears at the drop of the hat.

Media always convey things with a false sense of authority and it acts as a propaganda mechanism. Because you need a protaganist and an antagonist for a story to be made. And I somehow feel the main stream media is recklessly irresponsible as it bombards our minds with preconcieved notions.
But we made the media and government like this through our jingoistic and dogmatic view points. Most of us believe in absolute truths and like to live in an imaginary utopia; a creation of our mind.But unfortunately that does not exist. This world is grey, infidel and volatile.What we have and can do is just some trade offs.

And a reasonable trade off can happen only through informed dialectics. And that is not permitted to happen.What is happening is a hijacked debate and both parties are busy in proving thier points. But we being zeros have a great advantage most of the developmental decisons dont affect us directly.So our life goes on nethier we are displaced from our dwellings nor we are buying penthouse in Manhattan.

The postive rich are directly benefited and the negative poor degraded. But for godsake we zeros or positives should take a stand to make at least more zeros out of the negatives and the only silver bullet for that is education.For an appreciative next generation we need to invest in education. Otherwise Vedantas will just continue doing lip service and maoists will kiss any kind of development to death.

I am sure the 'Right to Education' bill is in the right direction. Education can only stop large scale exploitation.Only sustainable development can preserve this beautiful earth to longeivity with more percentage of people enjoying atleast two time meals. Raise a toast to this landmark has its own glitches but what does not have ?

I genuninely feel for marginalised, I love the roarkian courage of Arunthati Roy but I am sure things can be improved without taking stands. It is a vicious cycle. To morally survive and progess we really to need to help others to survive too... Screw the revolution !!! Hail the evolution...try to act as a catalyst.

Let the dialectic logic prevail :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pain and Agony

Back in business...:P

When you have lot to say
It is a pain to be silent
But if your words just echoes
back then it is mere agony

To be unheard, to be unread
to be untouched, to unlearn
and to embrace indifference
is what the path of silence offers

It is a half life but how many
live a full life to reach the end
You cant speak up because you
are not what you really think

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feeling like a king

Friends are now far and few
But the ones I have does care for me
Oh Lord What more can I ask you for ?
I am so happy than everbefore.

I feel so obliged when someone care about me than myself without seeking anything in return.When that someone happens to be your friend you feel so feel so protected from this chaotic world.You feel so sure of your collective identity.
You feel like a king.And no other relationship can give you that bliss...

I love you my friends who has made my life this beautiful.

Sorry veluvetta..The first line sounds as if I copied that sentence from your profile.But that is exactly what I want to say...It is not my fault that you said it so beautifully some days before me..I dont have time,energy and money to face a plagarisim forget it...:P

Friday, October 10, 2008

My 50th Post

  • Beautiful !!!

  • I never read a more beautiful story about love. And I thought it is my duty to share the same.

    Saturday, October 04, 2008

    Reflections....images and revelations

    What prevented me from penning down anything for long ? Lethargy,lack of topic, lack of love
    or plain indifference to the happenings around me..I dont know.
    One the most valuable relationship of mine has off late become a troubled one.And the blame is completely on me. I can't treat him as lord and my best friend the same time. I can't wear an honor that I dont deserve.It is so painful to pray to him as others do 'Krishanaguruvayurappa nalla buddi thonikane' rather than the usual just a 'kanna' vili.It is so impersonal but you made me chose the former.And yes it is your will that prevails.
    But I would one day retrive my treasured relationship as that of a best friend with you when I think I deserve it back. Because if I was proud of something that was it.

    It is impossible to keep two distinct relationships with any person.You can't be a friend and a lover the sametime, you can't be a father and a lender the sametime.If you are then you are either cheating or simply doing justice to none.I have been doing that for long with him.And I was just juggling those roles opportunistically. Enough is enough... May be I should grow mature enough to come out of Calvin and Hobbes thing.Long winding road indeed !!!
    I think the unsent messages in your draft folder are the exact representations of what you think as you are not afraid of other person's judgement.

    And with God there is no unsent messages it is all clear as a crystal.I dont want to take refuge in religious rituals.But I understand I can't help from taking refuge in you because I need to derive strength from within..And that is you...who can help me....!!!

    As many of my readers (do I have a readership..kidding !!!) know my true identity and I am not as anonymous as before..why the hell should i crib too personal(and crazy for many) thing like this here...Just because this is my den...!!! I am not here to share the fundas or post anything useful to the readers..If it happens it is just a coincidence.What else ?.And each of my sentence is nothing but a reminder to myself rather than anything else.

    Follow your heart

    It is not what you do now
    that would decide your future.
    Every single forward step
    have to carry your past baggage.

    But yet inaction is no remedy
    Accept the fact the race is unfair
    But still you can beat the pack
    Starting late doesn’t mean ending last.

    As they say you can’t fake it
    Accept your faults and sins
    But you can’t afford to hate thyself
    You are your last and only refuge.

    Give a chase to catch the dreams
    Run as fast as if life or death
    Results do matter but don’t lose
    Your heart as you needs it forever.

    Does this sound like a poem.Silly me..On a second read it sounds just like a slogan..
    Whatever !! That is all what i want to convince myself.

    And yet I have not grown enough old to part with my 'neermathalam' tag.....It is so sexy as BVN rightly said...

    Rathish K